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FHA Established the Streamline Program for all homeowners with an FHA insured home loan.

Under this program, all FHA insured homeowners can refinance with the following benefits:

  • No Lender Costs

    You don’t pay us anything to refinance your home.

  • No Requalification

    Forget all the hassle and time it takes to get re-qualified.

  • No Credit Score Required

    Worried about how your credit score will affect your refinance? Don’t be.

  • No Appraisal

    We won’t require an appraiser to appraise your house, saving you time and money.

  • No Income Verification

    That’s right. No W2′s or tax transcripts. We only check to see if you’re employed.

  • No Out Of Pocket Cost

    Seriously. There’s no catch. No cash will be taken out of those pockets!

Village Capital & Investment LLC

Village Capital & Investment LLC is an employee-owned company whose management has over 50 years of combined mortgage experience, and whose average employee has over 8 years of mortgage experience. In addition, every Mortgage Consultant, Underwriter, and Processor working at Village Capital has been chosen for their expertise, professionalism, and character, which explains why we have been able to successfully fund billions of dollars of residential mortgage loans.

One reason we are so successful is our ability to selectively market to our customers without losing that personal touch. The companies that we see on television and the internet all spend countless millions of dollars on big advertisements which ultimately transfers that cost directly onto you – the consumer. Keeping our costs low and using targeted marketing techniques and referrals allows us to give those savings back to you.